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Naturism in Midi Pyrenees

Naturism charter

The members of France Espaces Naturistes welcome to their centres all naturists* licensed or not and make the following undertakings with re-gard to the practice of naturism, personal security and the protection of the environment.

  • Promote the practice of healthy, natural family naturism.
  • Show tolerance and respect for all.
  • Take care to respect nudity whilst showing consideration and un-derstanding for the adolescents.
  • Be open and helpful to people who may be apprehensive about try-ing naturism.
  • Guarantee the tranquillity of naturist holidaymakers whilst also or-ganising sporting or cultural activities for those who desire them.
  • Assure the tranquillity of holidaymakers: will not tolerate in their centres any voyeurism or exhibitionism which could upset children or adults.
  • Inform holidaymakers ways in which they can enjoy naturism throughout the year by introducing them to the national and interna-tional network: Clubs, Associations, Federations.
  • Respect and preserve nature, protect the environment by encourag-ing economy of energy and water.
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